What Is DHCP LAN IP and How Do I Change It?

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a feature that issues IP addresses dynamically to computers within your network. DHCP makes it simple to configure network access for your home network.

The management route is the same on both the Mercku M2 and the Mercku M6.

You can access the DHCP settings using the Mercku App or Portal.

Using the Mercku App:

  1. Open the Mercku App on your mobile device
  2. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > DHCP

Using the Mercku Portal:

  1. Visit http://mywifi.mercku.tech, and log in using your Router Admin Password
  2. Select Advanced Settings > DHCP

How to change the DHCP LAN IP:

By default, M2 and M6 run a DHCP server on the LAN IP, with a default range of through You could also decide the valid time of those released IPs by changing the “Lease Time”. The Lease Time is 8 hours by default.

There are two ways to change the DHCP LAN IP:

  1. To change the DHCP address pool on 192.168.127. 0/254 network: It’s sometimes necessary to expand or shrink the size of the DHCP address pool to have fewer or more addresses than the router uses by default.
  2. To change the LAN IP address: make sure that you will get a valid LAN IP address. Then you could put it down in the “IP” column.

Please Note: Do not include the main router’s IP address assigned.