What is Wi-Fi 5 Compatibility Switch?

When certain Wi-Fi 5 devices (e.g. laptops, wireless cards) are unable to see the M6 SSID on their network list, we recommend enabling this Wi-Fi 5 switch.

Please note: you can only see the switch on the M6 when the firmware version is over 1.3.0.

Using the Mercku App: 

  1. Open the Mercku App on your mobile device 
  2. Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings 
  3. Press the Wi-Fi 5 Compatibility toggle to enable this switch and press save 

Using the Mercku Portal 

  1. Visit http://mywifi.mercku.tech, and log in using your Router Admin Password 
  2. Select Settings > Wi-Fi Settings 
  3. Click the Wi-Fi 5 Compatibility toggle to enable this switch and click save.
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