What Network Diagnosis Tools Do Mercku's Devices Have?

The M2 and M6 now have 3 tools for network diagnosis, available only using the Mercku Portal:

The management route is the same on both the Mercku M2 and the Mercku M6.


A tool to check if an IP address or host is accessible or not. Ping works by sending a packet to the specified address and waits for a reply. It also measures round trip time and reports errors. It may also be used when checking if a computer on a local network is active.


Traces a packet from your computer to the host and will also show the number of steps (hops) required to get there, along with the time each step required. It can identify intermediate hosts. If any of the hops come back with “Request timed out”, it denotes network congestion (a reason for slow loading webpages and dropped connections).


A command-line tool to find the IP address that corresponds to a host, retrieving the relevant address information directly from the DNS cache of name servers.

These tools can be found on the Mercku Portal.

  1. Visit http://mywifi.mercku.tech, and log in using your Router Admin Password
  2. Go to Advanced Settings > Network Diagnosis > Select tool you would like to use and enter IP or domain name you would like to look into > Click Start