Here are some steps of setting up the Bee, please get started with us! 

1. If you have the Hive system(1 M2 and 4 Bees)

It's a plug-and-play, once you connected to the M2 successfully, all Bee nodes can be plugged in the outlet and then connect automatically without pressing the reset button. 

Full steps

Step 1:  Set up the Mercku main router and connect to the Internet. 

Step 2:  Place the Bee in a suitable location and power it on, then wait for the mesh network to form automatically. The Bee indicator light will be green once the network is connected.


  • If the indicator light of Bee is blinking in green, this indicates its position is not suitable. Move the Bee to another location to gain better performance.

  • To ensure that the mesh network works properly, please place the router in an open location. The upper limit of distance between nodes is 2 rooms or 10 meters. 

2. If you have M2 with Bees, here are the steps to set it up

Step 1: Open the Mercku webpage ( and click “+” on the “My Wi-Fi” page.

Step 2: Power on the Bee and tap the Bee reset button(for 1 second). When the indicator light blinks red, click “next” on the webpage. Select the proper device in the list, click "next" and wait until it has been added to the mesh network.

Step 3: If the new Bee is added to the mesh successfully, its indicator light will be green.


  • Please don't press the reset button for too long, just click it, if it is pressed too long, it will go to a wrong mode of flashing green and red; if it's flashing green and red, please reboot the Bee by replugging it into the socket and set it up again