1. Ensure that you are connected to the Mercku Wi-Fi and go to the Mercku App or http://mywifi.mercku.tech
  2. Select the “+” sign at the right-top corner. 
  3. Click Start > Select M2 Bee Wi-Fi Mesh Node.    
  4. Plugin the Bee Node and wait for 10 - 15 seconds until the indicator light is solid red. When you first plug-in the Bee, the LED will be solid red, then blink red, and become solid red again, wait until the light becomes STEADY RED BEFORE pressing the Reset Button.
  5. Follow the instructions in the App and wait for a minute while the server is looking for the device.
  6. Once the device appears, select the Bee - XXXX > Click Next and wait for 1 minute until the “Successfully added” message appears.                     
  7. Go back to the homepage and click on Wi-Fi point to see the new Bee added to the network.