Slow speed may be caused by:

  • Weak connection
  • Busy network
  • Slow internet offered by your internet service provider

Here are some suggestions regarding the slow speed caused by weak signal:

  1. Place your device closer to the M2 or connect to the M2 directly instead of a busy node if there is a high requirement for internet speed and bandwidth (e.g. downloading a big file or watching an online movie in HD).
  2. Try to place the M2s in an open area in the center of the whole mesh wi-fi network. Since the signal from the M2 is stronger than a Bee through a wall, it is suggested to place the other M2 node in an area where you experience the slowest speeds.
  3. Turn on the Increase Mesh Coverage: Go to the Mercku app > Select Wi-Fi Points -> Turn on Increase Mesh Coverage at the top of the page.
  4. Submit tech feedback with a system log, and draw a floor plan of your Mercku units to us – a simple sketch will be helpful. We will offer some assistance to optimize deployment for better performance.