1. Reboot the devices to see if the problem can be solved. To do this, go to the Mercku App > Select Wi-Fi points > Go to each Wi-Fi point and click the Reboot button (found at the bottom of the page). Alternatively, you can unplug each device, wait for 1 minute, and plug them back in. 
  2. Please make sure all your nodes are well connected with each other and LED indicator lights are solid green.
  3. Try to connect your M2 with a PC using an ethernet cable, then check if there is an internet connection. If not, then you need to check with your ISP or to see if you have connected M2 with your modem properly. 
  4. Please test if you are able to visit Mercku’s webpage interface via Mercku mesh WIFI. If not, please try to set up DNS manually with your local service provider’s DNS and email support@mercku.com to get assistance from our team.